Features of this web site:
  • The classes in atmavidya.online are fully indexed with PDF slides. Video quality is chosen so that sisyas can repeatedly listen to each class and get maximum benefit.
  • Each video is about 300MB. Plan your data usage accordingly.
  • A flexible design of website allows existing, current and future classes to include bookmarks and other tools so that Swamiji's talks are available for future generations for research and further studies.
  • User feedback will be regularly taken through surveys and user experience will be optimized for all devices.
  • Samiksha quiz contains Online Objective Modules allowing for an interesting evaluation of the course effectiveness.
  • atmavidya.online will have Pujya Swamiji's MP3 recordings and PDF documents available for chanting and memorizing mantras and mula slokas which are covered in the class.
Important Note to Students:
  • atmavidya or iOS app will not work in atmavidya.online web site.
  • All the previous classes are available for listening at any time.
  • All users must listen to all enrolled courses including new classes and existing classes regularly.
  • Regular attendance of all enrolled courses is a requirement of atmavidya.online course enrollment. User access may be removed without notice for irregular attendance or continued absence.
  • No email will be sent when a new lesson is published. Please refer to AV1 Calendar or AV2 Calendar for class scheudle and anadhyayanam days.
  • This web site does not have buzz or any chat facility.
Login to atmavidya.online:
  • AV1 (2019) User ID is same, but password will change. Please see email and instructions.
  • Go to https://atmavidya.online/wp-login.php to login.
  • Use Log Out in menu to logout.
  • You can reset passwords yourself. Click on "Lost your password?" and then enter your atmavidya ID or email address. You will receive an email message with instructions on how to reset your password.
  • Suggested to use a completely different password for atmavidya.online web site. Do not use same password as Net Banking, Facebook or other web sites.
  • You can use "Remember Me" option to save ID and password in cookies. If you clear web browser, you may need to re-enter.
  • You will not be able to see any course contents, unless you are an active student with a valid atmavidya ID and password.
  • atmavidya.online uses a simple top menu in all lesson pages.
  • Click on Home to go to a list of your enrolled courses.
  • Refer to AV1 Calendar or AV2 Calendar for class schedule and anadhyayanam days. Ensure you select correct calendar, else you will get No Access error.
  • Refer to Videos / Help page for latest updates and announcements.
  • See Home page top menu, right side for important announcements.
General Course, samvada and samiksha:
  • Everybody is enrolled into General Course. General Course will appear as the last tile in home page.
  • Swamiji provides answers to atmavidya students regularly. This is samvada which is published in General Course
  • Samkisha is a quiz and evaluation module. Samiksha is published in General Course on 15th of each month on different sastra. Samiksha should be completed by 21st and access is removed for each samiksha on 22nd.
  • Study Notes for samiksha will be published each month by 1st. Links to PDF Study Notes are available under each course page.
  • General Course is free form and you can listen to samvada or answer samiksha in any order. You need not have to complete previous lesson.
  • Latest samiksha will always be published as the first lesson in General Course.