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Click on Help Page – 1 for Pujya Swamiji’s introduction to atmavidya.
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Latest updates to web site:
15 Mar 2021: Design for lessons updated, starting from dharma sastra 0041.
Top menu simplified. Please see Videos / Help for updates and supporting information.
Home page now shows enrolled courses. Name for calendar is changed in top menu.
All previous lessons are getting updated with new template.
23 Mar 2021: Svagatham to atmavidya Batch 1 students who will be on boarded to on 5 April 2021.
24 Mar 2021: General Course contain only samvada – Swamiji’s Q&A. Monthly samiksha will be published as first lesson in General Course. All other topics removed from General Course.
There is no change to existing atmavidya Batch 2 – AV2 students in their access.
There are two Calendar top menus now. One for AV1 and one for AV2. Each course students should refer to  the  correct Calendar option.
Please contact us by email if you have any questions.
Regular attendance of all enrolled courses is a requirement for continued membership.
15 Mar 2021: samiksha on yoga sastra. Closed.
15 Feb 2021: samiksha on vedanta sastra. Closed.
15 Jan 2021: samiksha on dharma sastra. Closed.
23 March 2021 Important Announcement: