Welcome to ātmavidyā – 2nd Batch.

Video List:
1. Pujyasri Swamiji announces the start of Registration
2. Academic Video about ātmavidyā 2nd Batch.
3. Technical Video about webpage navigation and course completion.

The course started on 14th Apr 2020.
This course can be accessed viewed in browsers from both Computer and Mobile devices. No separate mobile application is available for atmavidya batch 2 at this time.
śiṣyās can enroll in this website, and would be receiving their user id credentials within 3 weeks of registration. śiṣyās must have a reliable connection to internet and should be able to access the contents from any device using a web browser.

By default atmavidya batch 2 videos are played in high quality. Each video can use about 1 GB of your network or wifi data.
There is a work around to play the class video at a lower quality set by you.
Please click on the following link which will open Swamiji’s Sri Mangalashtakam video in a new tab.
In that new tab, please select a lower video quality. You can pause that video and go back to atmavidya batch 2 classes tab.
Now refresh the page by reloading and play any atmavidya class video. Now videos will play at the quality set by the other tab.

Please select a video from below. Video will auto play. Video frame does not have any controls. Thank you.