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This page contains a grid of dharma sastra, upasana sastra, vedanta sastra and optional courses. If you selected either yogas sastra, pada sastra or both these will appear below. These courses will start on 14 April 2020. The lessons and topics will be added one per day, except anadyayanam days. Please refer to Calendar.  All previous lessons and topics can be accessed any time.
General Reading course contains introductory lessons.

Clicking on the course tile will open a grid of published and available lessons in that course.
Please select the first lesson which shows a status “Not Completed”. You can not select a lesson unless a previous lesson is completed. Note that you can select an already completed lesson again for review.

The lesson page contains a video and descriptive slides relevant to the video. There is no control on the video. Please use the controls below the video.

The page will also contain completion status bar, which will show complete once you finish the entire content.
Once you have seen the video fully along with the slides, you need to click on “Mark Complete” green button. This action will mark that lesson as completed and then you can proceed to the next lesson.

You need to complete one lesson and all the topics in that lesson before you can proceed to next lesson.