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Please see Calendar for class publishing schedule. All classes are published at 4 PM India time.
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A complete list of Study material and notes is available under each course page.
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samvada – Q&A with Pujya Swamiji.
samiksha – Online Objective Module is published every month on 15th on each sastra. Each samiksha will be open during 15th thru 21st of each month. Access to samiksha will be removed on 21st.
Study material for samiksha will be published by 1st of every month. Samvada and samiksha lessons will be published under General Course.
Latest updates to atmavidya.online web site:
15 Mar 2021: samiksha on yoga sastra
15 Feb 2021: samiksha on vedanta sastra. Closed.
15 Jan 2021: samiksha on dharma sastra. Closed.